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Fantasy Rules! Rule

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League Play

The league will be Head-to-Head, category system. A team receives win/loss/tie for each category each week.


Scoring stats are (point value indicated in parentheses):

Goals (G)
Assists (A)
Points (P)
Plus/Minus (+/-)
Powerplay Points (PPP)
Shots on Goal (SOG)
Hits (HITS)
Blocks (BLK)

Goaltending stats are:

Wins (W)
Goals Against Average (GAA)
Save PCT (Save%)
Shutouts (SHO)


The salary cap is $220. All salaries must be stated in Yahoo Bucks™.


Roster size is 25. There are 2 C, 2 RW, 2 LW, 6 F, 6 D, and 2 G slots in addition to 5 bench slots. Your roster is comprised of UFAs, RFAs, as well as signed prospects acquired from the CFL Entry Draft.

Rosters are frozen at the conclusion of the CFL regular season. No signings (prospect or UFA), claims, or drops can be made between the end of the regular season and the conclusion of the playoffs*, regardless of prospect eligibility status. Any prospects that pass the eligibility threshold will be signed or released during the offseason.

*The only exception is for active playoff teams on an emergency injury call-up basis:
-If a player on an active playoff team becomes injured (Out, DTD, or IR status), the GM has the choice to sign a prospect to his ELC or to sign a free agent.
-All in-season free agent signing procedures will apply as usual (highest bid for 24 hours, etc.)
-If the GM replacing an injured player has a prospect who has passed the eligibility threshold (120 GP), the GM is not required to sign that player, though they may choose to.


GMs will have 50 contract years to allot for any given season. The maximum length of any contract is 5 years. If a contract had x years on it before the commencement of the season, the years will roll back at the termination of the season such that the years remaining will be x-1. These years will go back into the GMs contract year bank to be used on RFAs, UFAs, and upcoming prospects in their system.

Players whose contracts expire become free agents, with those being divided into two groups: RFA and UFA.

Anyone aged 27 and over as of July 1st is a UFA and will be placed into the auction pool during the offseason. UFAs will be entered into an auction draft to be completed sometime during the offseason.

RFAs may be extended at the termination of their contract for the same amount as the previous contract. However, RFAs can be extended offer sheets by other GMs which may be matched at the owning GM's decision, provided they have space within the salary cap. Compensation, in the form of draft picks in a similar style to the NHL, will be awarded to the team losing an RFA by the team that signs them. As such, all RFA offer sheets must be posted in the Official RFA Offersheet thread. This process lasts approximately 2 weeks in June.


Teams can maintain a list of prospects who may, at any time, be signed to an entry-level contract (ELC) of a set value ($3) for a maximum duration of 3 years. All contracts must be announced in the annual free agent signing thread.

Prospect Eligibility Status

-Signed skaters that have played fewer than 120 regular season games may be placed in the minors and removed from your Yahoo roster, with their salary not counting toward your cap. The limit for signed goaltenders is 60 regular season games.
-Signed skaters who have played 120 or more regular season games but have been assigned to the minors by their real NHL club may also be placed here. This is an addendum known as the Kadri Klause. They must be called back up within 7 days of playing an NHL game.

In addition, during the CFL regular season, after a player plays his 120th regular season game he must be called up or released. If the player has played his 120th NHL game, is playing for his real-life NHL team, and is not on your Yahoo roster, he may be subject to a claim from another CFL GM immediately upon completion of the 120th game.

Note: Claims can only occur during the CFL regular season, not during the playoffs.

Entry Draft

Every offseason a non-snaking entry draft will be conducted with teams picking in reverse order of the final regular season standings, with the league playoff champion picking in the final position at the end of each round.

Draft picks are to be made within 24 hours of it being your turn, or else you will be assigned the highest ranked available player from that current year's NHL draft. If you anticipate being unable to make selections in a timely manner, a customized draft list can be sent to the commissioner to have your picks made for you.

Players who have been signed in the CFL in previous years are ineligible for the draft, regardless of games played or free agency status.

In-season Free-agent Acquisitions

Any leftover undrafted players in the Yahoo database are UFAs and must be acquired by making an offer in this thread. Just make a post, kinda like this:
Sutterfamily offers Brendan Morrison $8 Yahoo Bucks™

If you have the highest bid for 24 hours you win. You can't bid beyond available salary cap room. UFAs acquired in this manner, that is in-season and not during the off-season Yahoo auction, are automatically assigned 1 year contracts that do not count against the 50 contract years cap. At the end of the season they enter the Auction draft as UFAs, even if a player is young enough to be an RFA. That is to say that only players signed from the auction (i.e. off-season free-agency) qualify for RFA status.

If a young player, normally eligible for RFA status, is acquired as an in-season UFA they will regain their RFA eligibility after they have been purchased in the Yahoo auction during the summer so long as they still qualify at the time their contract expires.


Waiver-eligible players (i.e. players released or bought out by their CFL club) are subject to the waiver wire. Once a player has been claimed, other GMs have 48 hours to make a claim on the same player if they are higher up in the waiver priority order. Once you make a successful claim, you go to the back of the queue.

Injured Reserve

Injured players who are added to Yahoo's IR do not count toward your salary cap. Yahoo's IR mirrors the NHL's Official IR. These players can be removed from your roster without being subjected to the waiver wire or any claim from a rival GM. You are able to sign a UFA or make a trade to fill your open roster spot. When the player is removed from the IR and rejoins his NHL club, you have 7 days to find room for that player on your roster. This can be done by a release, a buyout, or a trade. When the formerly injured player rejoins your team, you must ensure you are cap compliant as well.

Yahoo IR+ slots have been opened, allowing any players listed as DTD within Yahoo to be added to IR+. These players do not count toward your salary cap while on IR+, but the preceding rules regarding IR status must be adhered to.

Buyouts and Releases

Parting ways with a player on your roster can be done in one of two ways, assuming you are unable to make a trade. If the player's contract is $3 or less, he can be released back to the UFA pool.

If the player's contract is $4 or more, and he was purchased in the UFA auction, he must be bought out. Buyouts cost half of the player's salary (rounded down if an odd number) and will count toward your cap for the duration of his contract. The player subsequently becomes a UFA. Example:

1. Captain signs Carlo Colaiacavo to a 3 year contract at $7 Yahoo Bucks™ per.
2. Carlo Colaiacavo sucks and is untradeable, but Captain keeps him for a full season anyway.
3. Carlo Colaiacavo still sucks and Captain is sick of him. After fierce negotiation, he is still unable to trade Carlo.
4. Captain buys out Carlo Colaiacavo. $3 counts toward the Lindy Ruffryders cap for the remainder of the current year (contract year 2), as well as the following year (contract year 3).
5. Carlo Colaiacavo becomes a UFA.

If you have a player who you drafted that received a raise through the RFA process, and you want to get rid of him, he can be released at no cost.


The top eight teams in the league will make the playoffs. During the playoffs, UFAs may only be signed to replace roster players moving to the injured reserve.

Yahoo default bracketing is structured as follows:

First Week
P1: #1 seed vs. #8 seed
P2: #4 seed vs. #5 seed
P3: #3 seed vs. #6 seed
P4: #2 seed vs. #7 seed
Second Week
P5: Winner P1 vs. Winner P2
P6: Winner P3 vs. Winner P4
P7: Loser P1 vs. Loser P2
P8: Loser P3 vs. Loser P4
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